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Marc Records Presents

Doug Tutmarc's

Back to Our Start

This 10 song CD, features 5 original compositions written by Doug Tutmarc and performed in an easy listening, country, folk, gospel style.

Enjoy Doug's soothing voice and expert guitar stylings backed up with full rhythm section and background vocals by some of the finest singers in Nashville.

(Click on the highlighted titles below for a sound sample)

1. He Is There

2. Tell Me That Old Story Again

3. Happy Man

4. Come Holy Spirit

5. Born Again

6. A Plan For You

7. The Name of Jesus

8. Goodbye Mom, Goodbye Dad

9. Home Again

10. Back to Our Start



This CD was produced by Doug and originally recorded in Stockholm, Sweden

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Greg Tutmarc

910 Sixth Street South, Office Suite

Kirkland, WA. 98033

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