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Sol Hoopii

Complete religious recordings


SOL HOOPII (SOLOMON HO’OPI’I KA’AI’AI) -born 1902 in Honolulu, the first of 21 children, a musical genius at the age of 3. His musical idols were Joseph Kekuku, Pale K. Lua and David Ka’ili. He played his first professional engagements in San Francisco at age 17. He traveled there with two friends as stowaways on a ship. Passengers enjoyed his music so much that they paid their fares. Dubbed the “King of Steel Guitar” and the “Fritz Kreisler of the Steel Guitar” (Fritz Kreisler being the top Violinist of the day). Recorded with Lani McIntire and Glenwood Leslie as “Sol Hoopii and the Novelty Trio”. Taken to Hollywood by Hoot Gibson in the early 1920’s to play in a country music band. Played first an acoustic Martin (with very flamboyant style), then a black bakelite Rickenbacker electric. He might have been the first to play an electric steel guitar before an audience as he played the Fry Pan prototype at a fund raising party to begin production of the instrument. Was in great demand in Hollywood as musician, actor and technical director. His music was featured in the 1932 release of “Bird of Paradise”, “Flirtation Walk” released in 1934, “Waikiki Wedding” with Bing Crosby released in 1937, the “Hawaiian Buckaroo” released in 1938, “Navy Blues” released in 1941, and “Song of the Islands” with Betty Grable and Victor Mature” released in 1942. Known as the “Hollywood Hawaiian”, when Mary Pickford had to play a scene requiring her to cry, she would insist on Sol’s steel guitar playing to give her the proper emotion. Sol also played on radio and in night clubs in the Los Angeles area. Sol’s extensive recordings were popular around the world and inspired many to play the steel guitar. He was the trend setter that no one could equal. His complex style was the most sophisticated in Hawaiian music. He had influence on country music and was copied by steel guitarists all over the world. In later life, he dedicated himself to gospel music and evangelism after hearing a 12 year old girl preach her first sermon entitled “Be Ready” at Aimee Semple MacPherson’s Angelus Temple in Los Angeles around 1938. He later wrote a sacred song of the same title. He suffered blindness due to his diabetes near the end of his life, but continued to perform and compose religious songs. His last public performance was at Bud Tutmarc’s “Monday Musical” show in Seattle, September 28, 1953. He died November, 1953 in Seattle at the age of 51 due to kidney failure and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles. He was named to the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 1979.

Produced and engineered by Bud Tutmarc,

this two CD compilation contains all of Sol Hoopii's religious recordings.


Available in CD format for $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling in the U.S. and $6.00 shipping and handling for deliveries outside the U.S. If you wish to pay with a credit card via paypal, click on the "Add to Cart" button below for U.S. deliveries or the "Add to Cart (International)" for deliveries outside the U.S..

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Sol Hoopii
King of the Steel Guitar--(Highlighted Titles are Sound Samples)

Disc 1

The Nail Scarred Hand
Near the Cross
Healer of Broken Hearts
The Old Rugged Cross
Broadcasting for Jesus
Hawaii Calls for the Message of Our Savior
In the Sweet By and By
No Longer Lonely
Hilo March
Hawaiian Paradise
The Loveliness of Jesus
Cleanse Me
When They Ring the Golden Bells
He Hideth My Soul
Beautiful Christ
Hawaiian March

Disc 2

No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus
Honolulu March
Kahala March
To You, My Lord, Aloha
The Train Song
End of the Trail
Preach the Word
He Keeps Me Singing
In the Garden
Song of the Islands
I'll Go With Him, Hallelujah, I'm Saved
Hold My Hand
Paradise Isle
Aloha Oe
What A Friend
Beautiful King of Kings

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